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High pressure, fully battery-powered

Not everywhere you need to clean, you have the convenience of a water and electricity connection. At Aqua2Go, we understand this, which is precisely why we are so proud of our cordless pressure washers. Our innovative cleaning devices allow you to clean effortlessly and effectively anywhere without being tied to fixed connections. Aqua2Go offers you flexibility and mobility.

Effective and easy cleaning

Designed to meet all cleaning challenges, Aqua2Go’s cordless pressure washers deliver high-level performance wherever you are. Thanks to innovative technologies, the devices deliver powerful performance, giving even the most stubborn dirt no chance.

With Aqua2Go, you not only enjoy powerful cleaning performance, but also convenience. The battery-powered devices are intuitive to use and are designed for ease of use. This way, you can perform your cleaning chores effortlessly and stress-free.

Aqua2Go: a household name for 20 years already

For over 20 years, Aqua2Go has been a leading player in the cleaning equipment market. With Helvoirt as our home base, Aqua2Go not only serves the Dutch market. We have expanded Aqua2Go’s presence internationally. We work with dedicated distributors in countries such as Oman and France to make our products available worldwide.

Aqua2Go believes in innovative solutions, lasting relationships and an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. We would love to hear from you with questions and comments!

Wireless and rechargeable

No hassle with missing power connections. Our pressure washers are completely cordless and rechargeable. Equipped with a battery and 12-volt car plug. This makes them usable anywhere. At home, but also at the campsite or even in the middle of the forest.

Water connection / Water tank

With the Aqua2Go pressure cleaners you have a water tank of 17 to 21 liters. This allows you to master a large cleaning job without the need for a water connection. If that’s not convenience!

Easy to carry

Thanks to an innovative design, our pressure washers are fully mobile and easy to handle. They are easy to carry and also feature convenient storage options for the hose and spray gun.